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The new 2007 update of the Breastbottle that looks and feels like a breast. The most advanced nursing bottles available. While there are three stages of this feeder, We only stock the first stage that is a slow flow because it is recommended for the breastfeeding infant throughout their time of nursing.

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100% polycarbonate-free system"is leak-resistant and reduces colic with unique Petal vent.



Easy Fill Twist and Feed TM system prevents lost parts and assembly hassle, with unique co-molded nipple and body.


Natural, breast-like material and shape reduces nipple confusion and soothes
baby while feeding.

Designed with the help of doctors, moms and lactation consultants, the Adiri TM Natural Nurser TM is the ultimate baby bottle. With reduced air ingestion, unparalleled ease of use, a graceful design and 100% polycarbonate-free materials, the Natural Nurser is a safer, simpler, more natural feeling bottlefeeding experience for your baby in the absence of mom.and for you.

Breastbottle Nurser Information

 1. Reduces hazards from falling 6. No bottle brush required
 2. Bubble-free delivery 7. Dishwasher safe & Steam Sterilizer safe
 3. Three flow rates in one 8. Wide base is more stable
 4. You can simulate let-down 9. High acceptance rate
 5. Responsive to baby's touch 10. Child-proof closure system

Soft  and Warm: Filled with warm milk, Adiri's new nurser provides an amazingly breast-like substitute that is soft, snuggly and comforting, more like breastfeeding than any other bottle.

Size: Its 8 fl.oz. or 236ml

Less expensive than disposable systems: Once you purchase your Adiri nursers, you have no more expense until they wear out. Our prices compare very favorably with disposable systems that require over $100 worth of liners in 12 months, plus replacement nipples to increase flow as your baby's needs increase.

Testimonials: With over 100,000 Breastbottle nursers sold to date, Adiri has received testimonials from many satisfied customers, nationally recognized doctors, lactation consultants and childbirth educators who recommend them for their important advantages over conventional feeding bottles. Nursing toddlers have verbalized that they like the Breastbottle nurser because it "feels like mommy"!

Bubble-free delivery:
A special valve eliminates negative pressure in the Breastbottle nurser and minimizes bubbles in the contents. Since air ingestion may cause colic and other infant distress, this is an important design feature that few breast substitutes offer. The soft walls of the Breastbottle nurser also enable some control over flow rate, so you can simulate let-down as in breastfeeding. The life-like shape, feel and flow rate are all important in minimizing nipple confusion...and a patented adjustable nipple permits three distinct rates of flow to meet every growing baby's needs.

Special safety features: Falling on our mostly soft container is far less dangerous than with rigid, tubular bottles, and there's less risk associated with pull-out of smaller nipples. The wide base is exceptionally stable, easy to fill and clean, and a child-proof closure system provides security unlike any other nursing bottle. The Breastbottle nurser dome is Class VI pharmaceutical grade silicone, probably the safest, most expensive, highest quality elastomer available for this application.

Adiri Nurser_ Stage I

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