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Breast Pumps

Purely Yours basic Ameda Purely Yours Breastpump
Without Tote Bag
          Medela Advance Pump In Style Medela's Advanced Pump In Style
Shoulder Bag
2012 model
Purely Yours Breastpump Ameda Purely Yours Breastpump Carry All   Medala Advamced Pump Backpack Medela Advanced Pump In Style  Backpack version
2012 model
Ameda Purely Yours Backpack Ameda Purely Yours Backpack   Medela Original Pump In Style Medela Original Pump In Style
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Purely Yours Ultlra
with CustomFit flange System
  2008 FreeSyle Medela Breastpump FreeSyle Medela Breastpump
2012 Model Hands Free Pumping
HollisterElite Hollister Elite Breastpump   Double Select

Double Select 
Ameda Platinum   Medela Harmony Medela Harmony
Ameda One Hand Manual Breastpump   Medelas New Swing Single Pump with 2-Phase Expression Medela Swing Single BreastPump
with 2-Phase Expression
ISIS Breast Pump Avent Isis IQ DUO-   Medela Mini Electric Medela Mini Electric Breastpump
Symphony Breast Pump Avent Isis IQ UNO
Single Electric Breast Pump
  Symphony Breastpump Medela Symphony Breast Pump
Special Order Only
Avent Isis Hand Pump
(Manual Breast pump)
  Lactina Lactina
PJ Comfort Standard breastpump   PJ's Comfort & Bliss Breast Pumps
Limerick PJ Bliss Breastpump   PJ's Comfort Executive Breast Pump


Hygeia Endeare Breastpump   Hygeia Enjoye LBI EnJoye™ LBI Breast Pump
with Deluxe Tote Set
Hygeia Enjoye EnJoye™ Breast Pump
without Internal Battery
  Hygeia Enjoye EnJoye™ Breast Pump
with Internal Battery
Lansinoh Double Electric Breastpump   Lansinoh Affinity Breastpump
with Extra set of Breastshields
Bailey Medical Nurture III
Without Tote
  Whisper Wear Single Pump Whisper Wear Single Pump
ailey Nurture III with tote Bailey Nurture III
with tote
  Whisper wear Pump Whisper Wear Double Pump Hands free




Breastpump Accessories and Parts

Whisper Wear Collection Bags
out of stock
  Whisper Wear  Valves only (sorry stems are out of stock)
Whisper Wear Vehicle Adapter
  Whisper Wear Breast Cups
out of stock
Whisper Wear Rechargeable Batteries   Whisper Wear AC Adapter
out of stock
Medela Double Pumping Kit for Lactina   Ameda Double Pumping Kit
personal fit Medela Spare parts   Ameda Spare parts
Avent Spare Parts   Bailey Nurture III Spare Parts
See bigger picture Double Pumping Kit for Original Pump In Style   See bigger picture Double Pumping Kit for Advanced PNS
SpecialNeeds feeder Replacement Parts   See bigger picture Pump In Style replacement kit

Nursing Accessories

Avent Niplette - Treatment for Flat or Inverted nipples  Single Unit &Twin Pack       Supple Cups
For Treatment of Inverted
Nipples and Flat Nipples
Medela's Soft Shells for sore nipples   Soft Shells for inverted nipples

BreastMilk Savers
 Milk Savers- Collect the leaking spraying breastmilk-Like Milkies Only BETTER Easy Expression Bustier- For hands free pumping!
Turquoise Dot Lil' Something by Luna Lullaby Lil' Something Travel Nursing Pillow   Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow
TenderCare Lanolin 2oz

TenderCare Lanolin .30 oz
Mothers Love Cream
Nipple Cream
Washable Nursing pads Washable  Bra Pads   disposable Bra pads Disposable Bra Pads
Flexi shield / Flexishield   More Milk caps More Milk Special Blend with Goats Rue
More Milk Herbal Capsules to Increase Milk Production
Click to enlarge LilyPadz - No pads!  Inhibits leaking breastmilk
Go Braless!
Leaking Breastmilk- See Lilypadz
Supple Cups Supple Cups  
Soothies - Relieves sore Nipples
Quick Clean Wipes Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags Quick Clean Micro- Steam Bags
Avent Bottle Brush   Baby K'Tan
Baby Sling: Sling Ezee   Baby Sling: OTSBH
Medela Contact Nipple Shield   Avent Nipple Protector
NursingStool Medela Nursing Stool- Special order   Convertible Nursing Footrest
Black Seamless softcup nursing bra Nursing bras   Nurse & Glow Nurse & Glow- coming soon
Hip Helper Diaper Bag

Hands free!

  womanly Art, 7th ed. Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

#1 Recommended book for nursing moms
Lansinoh 2 oz tube   Baby Sling Baby Sling: OTSBH
Original Bedside Co-Sleeper, Arms Reach Co-Sleepers Arms Reach Co-Sleeper      

Feeding devices

SNS Feeder Medela Supplemental Nurser - Bisphenol A (BPA) Free   SpecialNeeds feeders SpecialNeeds feeder 80ml

Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
Starter Supplemental Nurser (SNS) Bisphenol A (BPA) Free   HAberman
Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
SpecialNeeds feeder 150 ml feeder

Please call if you wish to order the 8oz Special Need Feeder

Avent Express Microwave Steam Sterilizer Avent Microwave Sterilizer   SpecialNeeds feeders Mini SpecialNeeds feeder
Avent Via Breast Milk Storage Kit
Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
Avent Via   SpecialNeeds feeder Replacement Parts
White Avent Spout
Avent Magic Trainer Cups Or
Toddler Spouts to fit Avent bottles
  Adiri NurserBisphenol A (BPA) Free Adiri Nurser: Breastbottle
Baby Scales- from newborn to toddler- 10 year warranty   Mother's Milk Tea- Free sample with purchase of Breastpump
SNS Feeder Medela Supplemental Nurser

Bisphenol A (BPA) Free

  Hazelbaker Finger Feeder Hazelbaker Finger Feeder

Bisphenol A (BPA) Free



Breast Pump Rentals Breast Pump Rentals: $40.00 per month   Baby Scale Rental Baby Scale Rental: $15.00 per month


Kegelmaster- Improve Vaginal Tone

Should not be used during the six-week Postpartum period

  Baby Scale Rental Baby Scale Rental: $15.00 per month
A Safe harbor Book

 A Safe Harbor by: Beth Yoe
Raising Godly Kids in Ungodly Times


by: Medela

How babies with a cleft lip or cleft palate can be breastfed


Nukkles- Massage therapy for adults


Snap Heaters- Provides heat therapy for breast