Order Medela Quick Clean
Micro-Steam Bags
Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

For Breastpump & Feeding Accessories: Great for Breastshields, bottles, pacifiers, tubing,

Unique and powerful, Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs from most breastpump parts and feeding accessories.

  • Fast—complete in just 3 minutes
  • Unique—faster than boiling and more effective than dishwashing
  • Easy-to-use—Just add water and heat in the microwave
  • Economical—up to 20 uses per bag This purchase is for ONE BAG only good for 20 uses!
  • This is for one bag only for 20 uses!

Not for use on breastpump piston & cylinder
Hot steam may escape when bag is opened
Tubing must not be steam-cleaned with any other items, and requires 4oz of water
Using less than 2 ounces of water may warp your parts
To steam-clean tubing, do not place ANY other items in the bag
Steam-cleaning tubing may result in clouding or discoloration which will not affect its performance

$1.04                                                                 Need to add Quick Clean wipes?

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