Order MILK SAVERS- Twin Pack! *BPA FREE*
No wasted Breastmilk
Better Than the  Milkies Milk-Saver

DO NOT LET YOUR LIQUID GOLD GO TO WASTE!!!! Save it during a milk ejection reflex!!
The Milkies Breastmilk Saver can not be used discreetly, but these Milk Savers can be used in public.
Two Breast Milk Savers to collect leaking milk while breastfeeding and perfect to wear when single pumping to collect milk from the other breast. The shells have an easy pour spout and can be placed on a table to prevent spilling due to stabilizer feet. Using in the early days after delivery may contribute to increase in milk supply. Feedback from nursing moms has claimed to have collected 1/2 to 1 1/2 ounces in the Shells at each feeding time. It is a shame to waste the milk flowing into nursing pads when it can be easily saved for the freezer!

Also included: 2 Ventilated Breast Shells to protect sore or cracked nipples and help ease engorgement.


While nursing a baby, the opposite breast will leak, drip or spray during a let-down. This milk could be saved and used at a later time. Women can collect as much as 1/2- 1 ounce per breast at each feed, and some mothers have obtained several ounces at a feed. 

Compare to the Milkies Milk Savers- this is a twin pack so each breast has a clean Milk Saver ready for catching the milk. These Breastmilk savers will not misshapen your bra and they will fit all women. Similiar to the Milkies, these Breastmilk savers can be placed on a table while full of milk until you are finished nursing with the special stabilizer base. These Breast Milk Savers also have an easy pour spout to prevent spills when transferring to another container.

Wearing the Breast Milk Savers in the early days after delivery may also help your milk supply to be fuller. The MilkSavers have a special Comfort silicone petal massager insert that encourages your milk to flow and reduces engorgement.

 What else is included? If you experience sore nipples, there is a separate Shell that is vented and can be worn between feedings to facilitate a healing nipple wound. This prevents sore nipples from rubbing against breast pads and allows any medication on the nipple to remain on the effected area. 

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