Instructions for the MILK SAVERS Compare to Milkies

Unlike Milkies Breast Milk Savers, these breastmilk savers have stabilizer feet to allow the container to safely be placed on a nearby table until you are ready to pour up the breastmilk.
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– instructions for Use


2 Ventilated Breast Shells, 2 Breast Milk Saver Shells (NO HOLES) and 2 Ultrasoft Backing Cushions

A. Ventilated Shells - to protect sore or cracked nipples
B. Breast Milk Saver Shells - to collect leaking breast milk
C. Feet - for stability
D. Pouring spout - for accurate pouring

The Avent Breast Milk Saver Shells are worn inside the bra to help you overcome some common problems you may encounter during breastfeeding.

While this product may allow you to go through less breast pads, it shouldn't be used all the time, especially if your nipples are staying wet in the pooled Breastmilk. These should be thoroughly sanitized before use just as your storage containers when saving the milk, and it needs to be poured up soon after collected.

Milkies Breastmilk Savers do not come in a twin pack like these Breast Milk Savers


To collect breast milk for later use

  • Sterilize the Breast Milk Saver Shells (no holes) and the silicone Backing Cushions  before the first use. Boiling for at least 10 minutes or using the Micro-Steam Bags will work very well.
  • Attach the Ultrasoft Avent patented Backing Cushions to the Breast Milk Saver Shells. Before latching baby onto the breast or Single pumping, slip an assembled Breast Milk Saver Shell inside your bra on the opposite side to collect any leaking milk. Only milk collected while nursing or expressing should be stored for later use.
  • Once the spraying milk has stopped and the baby has finished nursing on the first side, remove the Shell and place on a nearby table and insert the second clean Shell into the other side to catch more milk during the next let down.
  • Pour the milk from the Shells into another container for storage. Wash the Shells and have them ready for the next nursing session.

Unlike the Milkies Breast Milk Savers, these Breast Milk Savers will not distort your bra shape.

To protect sore or cracked nipples and help relieve engorgement

• Attach the Ultrasoft Backing Avent patented Cushions to the Ventilated Shells and slip them inside your bra. The soft cushions will mould comfortably to the shape of your breasts and the domed shells protect your sore or cracked nipples from chafing. The ventilation holes allow the air to circulate.

• The Ventilated Shells can also be used to help relieve engorgement. They exert a gentle pressure around the areola and induce a slow leaking of your milk. DO NOT feed this milk to your baby, as milk collected over a long period of time may become contaminated.

• To empty the shell, carefully remove the silicone Backing Cushion and pour the breast milk into a sterilized bottle or pre-sterilized bottle bag. Place in a fridge or freezer as soon as possible after collection. The breast milk can be stored for up to 24 hours in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

• Wash all items thoroughly after use.

NB: It is recommended not to wear breast shells for longer than 40 minutes at a time as they may cause undue pressure on the milk ducts.

Unlike Milkies Breast Milk Savers, These Breastmilk Savers have a pour spout for easy transferring into Collection Containers.


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