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A comfortable and practical baby sling carrier that allows parents to hold the baby in a variety of positions. Enables nurturing of oneís child in the best possible way while you work or play. Carrying an infant close to the heart and itís source of nourishment promotes bonding and intimacy...infants feel very secure and thrive. Excellent for travel, contributes to a better posture for the parent, who is using his or her whole body for support instead of just the shoulders or arms and hip. Ideal for discreet breastfeeding in public. Older babies can sit up in the carrier in a variety of positions as the sides are softly padded for comfort and support.

The Over The Shoulder Baby Holder Slings have a deeper pouch and other features superior and safer than other Slings on the market.

The OTSBH has a patented safety feature of a small nylon rod discreetly sewn into the bottom portion of the tail to prevent it from slipping through the rings if worn incorrectly.

Over The Shoulder Baby Holder has two times the amount of padding on the parent's shoulder, and around the baby's head and legs. It's more expensive to manufacture, but the quality shows.

The baby sling batting is paneled or sewn down; it cannot slip inside the seam into the adjusting portion making it impossible to adjust. Sewing the batting down also prevents the batting from bunching up and twisting around while wearing or during washing.

The Over The Shoulder Baby Holder is flame-retardant. This is not an added chemical that will wash out. Other slings have a resin added that makes it easier to cut and sew, but it's highly flammable and allergenic. Not having OTSBH batting treated with this resin is also much softer to the touch and does not "mat" down.

The Baby Sling has a string tie that holds the side rails together over the shoulder pillows; this double the already plush padding and prevents the sides from falling down toward mom's elbows or pressing into her neck, thus keeping the whole sling in better proportion for the wearer.

The OTSBH designer fabrics fit fashions. Typically stocked are patterns of soft pastels, stripes, solids, florals, Guatemalan, southwest, batik, Hawaiian and country prints. Mom can look good while she holds her baby close.

The Over The Shoulder Baby Holder fabrics are cool breathable low allergenic 100% cotton or mostly cotton-poly blends. We have 3 sizes to comfortably fit any size parent.  Once price for all OTSBH fabrics and sizes.

The Baby Sling instructions are more clear and detailed; this produces happier users and less returns. The OTSBH instructions show a larger variety of positions to carry the baby and a variety of different age babies moms can relate to.

Each baby sling is professionally sewn on industrial sewing machines, by professional seamstresses, so each and every one comes out perfectly even, consistent, and high quality.

When selecting a fabric choice for your baby sling, think of what you like to wear more than what sex your baby is. The Baby Sling designer fabrics are chosen to compliment your personality and coloring.

Includes Instructional DVD!

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*The Slingezee Baby sling is the closest ring sling to the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder and it is my favorite! The Sling works exactly like the OTSBH and the positions for holding the baby are the same.  The OTSBH has apparently went out of business. I can't find them online and my phone number for them no longer is working. I am out of all their stock. Click here to see the patterns for the SlingEzee. If you prefer the same ring sling with less padding, you may be interested in our Hava Baby Sling or no padding with the ZoloWear Baby sling.


Slingezee Classic & Design Fabric Collection
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       Hava Baby Sling          Zolo Wear Baby Sling         ZoloWear Pouch Baby Sling


Hava Classic Collection
New Lighter Weight Hava Baby Slings


      Erin Hava          Nanci Hava                 Abigail Hava        Melissa Hava 
                 Long Only                                                                                                                                             


 Riley  Hava              Lauren Hava            Chloe Hava          Hannah Hava
                                             Long Only



           See  More Patterns Below              


                              HAVA Baby Sling - Jaden
 Cindie  Hava             Clarie Hava            Ezra Hava          Jaden Hava
Regular & Petite Only                                  

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Leah  Hava             Emma  Hava           Lydia Hava          Teri Hava

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      Olive Hava                    Sandy Hava 
                                                                         Petite and Regular Only




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