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Low price guarantee!

A new Medela Breast pump: Freestyle is Medela's first hands-free, double-electric breast pump. It performs as well as the other top of the line Medela breastpumps, but much lighter and compact with innovative features that allow for freedom and mobility


  • Two-Phase Expression Technology
  • Fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than one pound
  • Long Life Rechargeable Battery- three hours of pumping time on a single charge
  • Structured Waist Belt for securing the pump while mobile
  • Backlit Display
  • Built in Timer
  • Tote Bag to hold accessories
  • Cooler Tote with 4 Collection containers
  • SoftFit Breast Shields
  • Accessories for hands free pumping that fit many bras
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Large bag to fit all of the items you need while pumping and after.

The items listed below are Included with a breastpump purchase from 'Mothering From The Heart' while supplies last:

*A Detailed Instruction Sheet for Increasing Your Milk Supply
*Sample of Mothers' Milk Tea
*Sample of Disposable Bra Pads
*Sample of Purelan or Lansinoh Ointment
*Brochure on the Benefits of Breastfeeding
*The Nursing Mom's Shopping List


*Medela Instruction sheets for:
*Collection & Storage of Breastmilk for normal newborns
*Sore Nipple Management
*Working & Breastfeeding
*Breast Engorgement-prevention & treatment
*Buying or Borrowing Pre-owned Breastpumps
*Cleaning and caring for your breastpump
*Brochure on the Easy Expression Bustier for hands free pumping

Need to pump hands free with the FreeSyle?
Click here to Order the Easy Expression Bustier!

While the FreeStyle comes with hands free pumping accessories as shown below, you can easily see that the Bustier will allow for much quicker set up without the hassle of using so many parts to accomplish the same thing The Bustier also will keep the pump breastshield much more stable and will work over ANY nursing bra.

This will allow you to pump while talking on the phone, writing, eating lunch, typing at your computer, reading, tending to your baby! (I have even used it while driving.) A must have for the Pump In Style!!!

Quick Clean Micro-Steam BagsNeed to add Micro-Steam bags to your order? These will allow you to quickly sterilize your breastpump parts in the microwave in three minutes. They do not come sterile inside your sealed pump and will need to be sanitized before the first use. Click here to order.

The FreesStyle is a single user product. Use by more than one person may present a health risk and voids the warranty.


Due to Medela's distribution policy for all of their retailers, we are not allowed to list prices or have 'buy it now' buttons on our site for internet sales of the Pump In Style, but if you are interested in this item, please email or phone toll free 1-877-528-7953 to place the order or if you are outside the US, call 1-256-528-7953

We are allowed to list prices and have 'buy it now' buttons for all other items and pumps.

Retailers selling online that do not adhere to their policy by listing their prices and have buy it now buttons may have their contract with Medela terminated, so if you purchase your pump from them, the warranty could be void. You may need to phone Medela to discuss this risk.

Make sure you are purchasing from an Authorized Dealer with Medela Inc. for full warranty. Click here to view Mothering From The Heart listed as an Authorized Dealer.

Will you be using your breastpump without access to water for cleaning between use? Click here for a suggestion that other moms find helpful!!!

Click here for the Advanced Pump In Style Shoulder Bag
Click here for the Advanced Pump In Style Traveler
Click here for the Original Pump In Style New 2005 Updated Model

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Contact the manufacturer directly for defective products. Breastpumps are covered by the manufacturers warranty and they will vary according to which product is purchased. Any defective products also need to be reported to us!

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