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Inverted or flat nipples are the result of short lactiferous (milk bearing) ducts. The Niplette is designed to lengthen these ducts by the application of gentle suction. It is painless and easy to use. Until recently, the only effective method of correcting inverted nipples was surgery, a costly solution that ruled out breastfeeding for good. The Niplette quickly corrects inverted nipples and has proven to be a permanent solution for both cosmetic purposes and normal breastfeeding.

When can you use the Niplette?

The Niplette is suitable for correcting inverted nipples which have developed as a result of hereditary factors or during puberty.

The Niplette is suitable for patients having had unsuccessful surgery to obtain cosmetic correction.

The Niplette is NOT suitable for lactating breasts, however there is no harm in using the Niplette for a few minutes to draw out the nipple and help your baby latch on. NB: Use is not recommended in the last two months of pregnancy. DO NOT use on inverted nipples developing later in life without medical advice. If in doubt consult your doctor.

Instructions for use (see diagrams)

Use nipple ointment  sparingly on the nipple and areola before applying the Niplette.

1 Push the syringe firmly into the open end of the valve.

2 Hold the Niplette over the inverted nipple with one hand and apply suction by pulling the syringe with the other. Pull as firmly as is comfortable. Do not pull too hard - a small smear of the ointment  at the base of the Niplette will improve the seal and suction.

3 When the nipple has been pulled out, let go of the Niplette, hold the valve and carefully separate the syringe from the valve.

You are now free to continue your daily activities wearing the Niplette. It is easily concealed under loose clothing.

• If you are using the breast shells for sore nipples to help keep the Niplette from detaching, carefully feed the tube into the hole of the Soft Shells and center the hole over the nipple, then cover with your bra.

To remove the Niplette, push the syringe into the valve to release the vacuum.


Important Advice on Using the Niplette

To obtain the best and swiftest results the Niplette should ideally be worn as much as possible during the day and night and at the maximum suction comfortable for you. One Niplette is required for each inverted nipple. It is possible to wear the device overnight provided you do not sleep on your front and it may be convenient to wear a loose fitting bra. The Shells will also help keep in place while sleeping.

•  To prevent soreness or nipple trauma, start out wearing only a few hours using minimal suction and build up as tolerated.

Used regularly, the nipple should fill the mould within approximately three weeks. Continue to use the Niplette until the nipple does not retract. Use of the Niplette can then be reduced. Any initial tendency to retract is easily overcome by intermittent usage.

Some individuals may notice a small amount of discharge from their nipples, this is entirely normal.

If required the Niplette can be cleaned in warm, soapy water. DO NOT sterilize.


Helpful suggestions when using the Niplette

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